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Dzhinestra Sphynx

Cattery of the Canadian Sphynxes - Dzhinestra Sphynx

Surprising and mysterious the Canadian sphynxes, cats which will not leave you indifferent. Once, having taken on hands of a sphynx, having felt gentle velvet heat of its naked leather, having glanced in huge eyes, you cannot forget it any more.

The Sphynx is a touch to eternity, it coming back to life a legend. The sphynx is, certainly, the cat … but it is more, than a cat. At sphynxes is present both grace, and grace, and dexterity, but at the same time sphynxes possess phenomenal mind and fidelity to the person. In sphynxes there is a surprising magic, something fantastic and bewitching.

If you dreamed:

  • about a cat, true and loving;
  • about a cat who is not fading, a wool not demanding care;
  • about a cat feeling your mood and understanding your sight and intonation;
  • about a cat - the partner and the friend;
  • about a cat possessing unforgettable grace and beauty,


Naked cats are especially convenient in the maintenance for those who suffers an allergy on a wool. Weekly bathing (and sphynxes love water), подстригание claws and cleaning take in - here, perhaps, and all. Sphynxes are very sympathetic to caress and love, answer owners with tenderness,can not leave literally from your hands, to sleep near to the favourite owner. These cats become excellent friends for children.

Once, that remarkable day when in your house there will be a naked cat, you cannot present the life without them any more.

If you kittens the Sphynx you have got precisely in the purpose as ours the cattery of the Canadian Sphynxes - Dzhinestra Sphynx is engaged in cultivation of remarkable kittens of the Canadian Sphynxes interest.

Cattery's name "Dzninestra" is registered in Federation International Feline: 216257.

Federation International Feline certificate


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