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Dzhinestra Sphynx

About breed - Kittens of the Canadian Sphynxes

The Canadian Sphynx

Kittens of the Canadian Sphynxes, and also their parents actually on the temperament are far from similar comparisons. The adult Sphynx has certain enough characteristics, namely: a body of average size, brawny, round, strong. Thus skeleton rather graceful. A thorax wide, massive, a stomach(belly) round. Finitenesses the graceful structure, but muscles strong also have. Forward foots are put widely because of a wide thorax. Paws oval, with long fingers. A tail long, thin, without a wool, but the brush on a tip (a lion's tail) is admissible. The head of the average size, slightly rounded off modified wedge, is not much more at length, than at width, with acting cheekbones and the short, powerful, precisely outlined round muzzle. A structure with transition. A neck of average length, brawny. Ears very much big, widely put, wide in the basis, completely deprived a wool. It is admissible a few wool at the basis of lateral aspect of an ear. Eyes big, in the form of a lemon, are put under a small corner. The distance between them is a little bit more than width of an eye. Color of eyes should be in harmony with color of a leather. A wool: the leather can have only minimal invisible down; it is similar to a leather of the child. Happens it is kept at all sphynxes on a nose, behind ears, can be on a tip of a tail and paws, up to skakatelnogo a joint. And at cats, as a rule, on tustikulakh. And also, the wool can appear on these places and on the case during hormonal changes (pregnancy, the period of a lactation), at wrong feeding and at the lowered temperature of the maintenance. If to speak about the thesis: " The wool is not present - and the allergy will not be ", it not absolutely so. To all harmful glikoprotein - the main originator of occurrence of an allergy - is revealed by fault in a saliva of a cat and on its leather. From these places it also is transferred on a wool which accumulates them. Sphynxes in this case win that easier and is more often it is possible to wash them, than usual cats. On a forehead, a neck and finitenesses there are folds. Color: colors admit all. Lacks: too strong similarity both with devon - reksom, and with kornish - reksom is serious lack.

The note: crossing with other woolless breeds is forbidden.

Rating scale
Body: 35
Head: 30
Eyes: 5
Absence of a wool: 25
Standard: 5


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