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Dzhinestra Sphynx

Maintenance and leaving

Care of the Canadian Sphynx

Sphynxes are specific in leaving, unlike other breeds of cats. There is one big plus - there is no wool and there are no the problems connected with its presence. But there are some nuances in care of sphynxes, knowing them, your naked miracle will always look smartly.


The leather at cats is very sensitive and sphynxes sweat (someone in a greater degree demand leaving and attention. And feature that, someone in smaller). At Canadians the leather is spoiled due to located on a leather set glands, allocating " protective substance ". That the leather would be in a good condition, it is necessary to wipe it a damp spongiole. It is possible to use damp napkins not containing spirit. Though our opinion that it is better to wash up a cat in process of pollution by professional shampoo ALL SISTEM, with obligatory use of cream-conditioner ALL SISTEM. It very well humidifies a leather. It can be used, when the leather to be shelled. It occurs more often because of dry air in an apartment. And as from a feed or other external influences. It is possible to bathe and children's shampoo of high quality. After bathing a cat dry to wipe a towel. And the best way is to get wet a paper towel. All moisture is absorbed on 100 %. And you will avoid overcooling an animal. In the winter there can be some filaments is a natural reaction of an organism to weather conditions. These filaments, if you confuse, leave. Sphynxes like to sunbathe, luxuriating on the sun from it minor alteration of their color is possible. Superfluous stay on the sun is inadmissible - unhealthier.


Eyelashes are not present, owing to what in eyes pollution can be formed. If eyes "flow", have appeared allocation white, yellow-purulent it speaks about presence of an infection, urgently address to the doctor. Allocation from eyes of brown color or transparent are normal. Wipe eyes tea leaves, a solution of a camomile, a warm solution furatsilina or boiled water. It is possible to buy specialized means for wiping eyes.


At the Canadian sphynxes huge ears, because of a body temperature and the accelerated metabolism in ears quickly enough accumulates darkly brown allocation. Ears become soiled more quickly, than at other cats. Ears to clean 1 time in 1-1,5 weeks a wadded stick. (it is more convenient to use sticks for newborns, they more thickly). The Auricle, deeply to clean it is impossible! Otherwise there can be a trauma leading an otitis. It is possible to buy specialized means for cleaning ears. After cleaning it is necessary to process ears special powder.


Gently clear a teeth and a gum a dental brush in order to prevent a strike and a dental stone, accustoming a kitten to dental hygiene from early age. From a mouth of a cat there should not be a unpleasant smell, and gums should have faintly pink color without attributes of an inflammation. There are special forages for cleaning a teeth (Royal konin dental, etc.) Not bad clear a teeth boiled chicken necks (for cats on natural feeding).


If your cat contains at home, it is necessary for it to cut claws on a regular basis. Our RECOMMENDATIONS: accurately press on a paw of a kitten. Using sharp tweezers, cut off a transparent tip, but be accurate and do not touch a sensitive site, (it looks dark, can be pinkish). If you doubt, pinch off less is better, than to be mistaken and cut off it is more.

Trauma at a hairstyle of claws are very painful, as on a claw from its basis the nervous terminations and blood vessels are located. Each beginning owner of a cat the problem connected with damage of furniture excites. That it to avoid, together with a kitten get kogtetochku (it can fasten on a wall or to be in the form of columns). In fact your pussycat, scratching your favourite sofa, simply puts in order the claws. Besides it marks territory. Having seen, that the kitten wishes to grind claws, suggest it to make it in specially allocated place. And the your pussycat will be younger, the it will be easier than it to accustom to use a rack for a point of claws. That kogtetochka was more attractive to a kitten it is possible to drip on it some drops valeryany.


At each cat on the external party of a tail sebaceous glands are located. And if at other breeds of cats under a wool of it it is not visible, at our breed all on a kind. It is necessary carefully and to wipe on a regular basis external the parties of a tail degreasing means (salicylic spirit do not use, a leather gentle, and it is elementary easy be for burning). If appear ugri they are a subject to mechanical removal.


As to meal, sphynxes, as a rule, are omnivorous and possess excellent appetite. It would be necessary to watch that at a sphynx the balanced feed and not too fat food as it can cause the strengthened allocation by a leather of brown substance similar to a wax strike. Eat sphynxes practically as dogs, sufficing and swallowing pieces peep almost not chewing. To feed such cats, it is necessary forages only the highest quality. It is possible canned food, a dry forage, but it is more preferable nevertheless natural food. In meal there should be an obligatory combination of animal and vegetative fibers. And also, do not forget to indulge with small quantity of a delicacy (depending on preferences of a cat) as these cats are unusual even in meal. They can like crude cucumbers, grapes, melons and even chocolate. One expression - that is useful for the person it is useful also for cats!


Bathing is procedure which seldom is pleasant to cats, and many owners consider what to bathe costs cats only when they were hopelessly soiled. However experts recommend to wash your favourites not less often than an once in a month. And that at the pussycat was not, stress start to accustom it(her) to bathing from 1,5 months of times in 2 weeks. Sphynxes quickly get used to this procedure and quite often ask that them bought.

How to bathe a cat?

1. Prepare for all necessary for bathing. Shampoo, the conditioner-conditioner, the big towel.

2. Fill a bath or a bowl with warm water. Water should be approximately 36-38 degrees. On a bottom it is desirable to put a rubber laying or a terry towel that your pupil has not slipped. Put there a kitten and well moisten with water its skin. The Water level not above a breast. Do not water a cat from a shower - it to not like them. Water from a jug or from a watering can. After that an equal layer put on it shampoo. Especially polluted places should be wiped a bast - a sponge (as for washing utensils). Try, that water has not got in eyes and ears. Address with a cat resolutely, but it is gentle. Consider, it can try to be pulled out and casually to bite or scratch you. That it to avoid we shall repeat: accustom to such procedures your animal since the childhood. To calm a cat, talk with it. Rinse a kitten with a lot of water, the rests of shampoo will not be removed yet all. Having pulled out it from a bath and wiping, turn in the big towel. Also it is possible to get wet an animal paper towels, they very well absorb. A wool on a muzzle cautiously get wet a soft napkin. After bathing a cat I usually hide under a blanket before full drying.


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